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Milk | Mill-King Creamery - low pasteurized, MILK, mill-king
Milk | Mill-King Creamery - low pasteurized, MILK, mill-king

Milk | Mill-King Creamery

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Modern grocery store milk often travels a long distance and is highly processed before it reaches consumers. 

Mill-King dairy products are NOT like that. 

Our farm and processing center are located between Crawford, McGregor, and Speegleville outside of Waco, Texas.

Our milk is produced by cows right here in McLennan county and then it is sent out within 48 hours or less to consumers across Texas.

Old Fashioned

We do not add any powdered milk, preservatives, water, cleaning agents, brighteners, hormones, or additives to our products. 

Our low temperature pasteurized non-homogenized milk is the closest to farm fresh raw milk that you can buy on grocery store shelves.

We use a vat pasteurization or low temperature method compared to traditional pasteurization, which utilizes an extremely high heat and high volume process. This traditional method unfortunately kills the beneficial enzymes as well as the bad.  

The Mill-King Milk Difference

The low-temp/vat method that we use is gentler on the milk and it's enzymes. Plus it is not homogenized.

Our milk is pasteurized according to FDA standards in order to ensure the harmful bacteria in the milk are eliminated; however, it retains a majority of its enzymes, which are crucial for proper digestion and good health.  

This does give the milk a shorter shelf life, and any elevations in temperature can effect the shelf life of the milk. Always keep it refrigerated at or a little below 41 degrees. 

Low Temp Pastuerization

Our milk is pasteurized at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, which will eliminate any potentially harmful micro-organisms while keeping the “good” enzymes intact. 

This milk is slowly brought up to a temperature of 145 degrees and held at that temperature for 30 minutes.  This milk is then cooled down quickly by traveling through a cooling tube system called a plate cooler.  The milk is then put directly into our cold milk tank where it is ready for bottling and enjoying.


Homogenization is the process of splitting the protein molecules so that they do not separate in the milk. 

Our milk is NOT homogenized so the cream rises to the top. 

After sitting in the refrigerator you will notice the thick cream on the top of the milk.  This occurs because this milk has not been homogenized.  You can shake the bottle to mix it back in or you can pull it off to make butter, whipping cream, or as your coffee creamer.


No……we do not add in any additional additives or preservatives into our milk. 

There are no emulsifiers, powdered milk, thickeners, or chemicals. We feel it's important that people have access to clean, unadulterated food. 

 All the vitamins and goodness are pure milk, nothing artificial.

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