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Los Magos

Sotol | Los Magos

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Sotol - Blanco

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Nathaniel Jankowitz
The Dangerously Delicious Cousin of Tequila and Mezcal

This less known Mexican spirit I discovered awhile ago but very few quality brands have ever been exported to the U.S., most are among Mexico's best kept secrets and reserved for the Mexican market. Los Magos appears to just recently have begun export to the U.S. and unlike other sotols i've tried that are cask strength at 95+ proof and frankly a bit harsh if tried neat, Los Magos is super smooth, the alcohol doesn't overpower the great grass, citrus and pepper aromas while the taste is less smoky than mezcal and rounder / fuller than tequila. Great to see such a superb expression of sotol now available in the U.S.!

Jacqueline Domanus

I love this bottle. Mezcal is much too smokey for me although I really like the earthy and grassy spirits - this one does it for me. It's been fun sharing this new liquor with my friends and teaching them something they didn't know :)